Stéfanie Kay
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Client: Lexon

if design award for LEXON 
1st prize in the  PURE TALENTS CONTEST 2022
Exhibition at the galerie joseph during the Paris Design Week

Most people spend almost 90% of their time inside, lit by artificial lights which, unlike the sun, do not change colour or light intensity during the day, disturbing their circadian rhythm.  Helia follows the user throughout the day by varying its light intensity and colour. It improves the user’s concentration, productivity, quality of sleep, mood... Helia’s modular head enables it to create either a direct light beam or an ambient lamp. 

“A beautiful, simple, conical body that can be changed from a source of ambient light to a spotlight for reading with a simple, intuitive gesture. A minimalist lamp providing different lighting effects,” says Marcel Besau, explaining the decision to award first prize to Helia.